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Is It Worth It?

Is It Worth It?

Is it worth it?  Does all the money, time, effort and yes suffering of going to college pay off? It’s a good question and one not easily answered.  We hear this topic in the news a lot lately.   Are we choosing the right school, the right program and/or will we be able to get a good job/career because of this education? I believe the answer will be different for everyone.  I can only tell you my experience and my opinion.

Media Institute and Rockford Career College Hosts Graduation November 18

Minneapolis Media Institute and Rockford Career College (RCC) will be hosting a combined graduation on Friday, November 18, beginning at 4:00 p.m., at Normandale Community College Auditorium (9700 France Ave. South, Bloomington).
There will be 26 graduates from the two colleges, representing a variety of media-related programs and RCC’s paralegal diploma program.

Introducing our Media Business Associate Completion Degree!

After students earn their diploma, they can continue their education online. The Associate Completion degree in Media Business is designed to provide an opportunity for students who have completed any of the media arts diploma programs to develop fundamental knowledge and skills in media business and marketing while earning an associate’s degree. It’s designed to complement the technical skills developed in a media diploma program and enhancing the talents required for a career in media and/or media-related business.